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Transition Profiles

FuShiFu's transition profile provides effective and innovative solutions for various requirements in residential and commercial applications. The transition profile strip includes a variety of products made of high-quality materials, and all transition profile lengths are carefully designed with unparalleled performance and style. The transition profile floor has various widths and depths. Aluminum profile, drilled or with adhesive backing, used for edges, joining or joining carpets, PVC, linoleum, ceramic tiles or wood floors. The movement profile of the technical joints of marble, terrazzo and Palladian flooring that need to be polished after laying the transition profile length. Tile profiles and stainless steel profiles of various widths used to cover joints and thresholds. The transition profile for tiles can be polished in place, and can even be bent/shaped to create the original decorative design.

T Shape Transition Profiles
T Shape Transition Profiles.One of the greatest quality of is long service team.
Transition Strips
Aluminium L shape_tile trim. is designed by top designers. The product has attracted appearance and impresses most customers in the market.
Aluminium right angle
Aluminium right angle. is characterized by , which is worthy of popularization in application.
U Shape Transition Profiles
U Shape Transition Profiles.Its quality is excellent and has passed the international certifications.
Transition Profiles
This profile is used for connecting floors of distinctly different levels or same levels. It creates a functional threshold that masks unequal edges and aesthetically finishes a joint of various floors.
Professional T Shape Transition Profiles manufacturers
It is a transition profile of a flat shape. This product is characterized by its universal use and aesthetic appearance.Professional T Shape Transition Profiles manufacturersThe product liberates people from heavy-duty and monotonous work, such as repeated operation, and does more than people do.
Best Quality U Shape Transition Profiles Factory
The profile is used as decorative trim cutting off on the wall two surfaces of ceramic tiles; it might as well be used as decorative frame if materials with different structure are used.BestQuality U Shape Transition Profiles FactoryFuShiFu is made in a sophisticated production unit and is impeccable in terms of craftsmanship.

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