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Trim For Ceramic

Ceramic wall tile trim is an indispensable decorative material in home decoration. Ceramic wall tile trim installation can fix floor decoration materials, conceal ground joints and processing marks, improve the overall sense of floor decoration, and protect the corners and ensure the wall The role of materials in normal use. There are many types of ceramic wall tile trim on the market, and home decoration mainly uses profiles made of wood, stone, ceramics, composite materials and plastics as raw materials. The material of ceramic tile border trim should be considered similar to that of the ground material. The color selection of Ttile trim should be different from the ground and wall. It is recommended to choose the intermediate color between the ground and the wall, and the color can also be determined according to the area of the room: ceramic wall tile trim with a small room area should choose the color close to the ground, and vice versa Choose a color close to the wall.

L Corner Profile
These profiles are used to protect corners laid with tiles, especially when the ending of tile surface connects with other types of surface, e.g. PVC carpeting, rug,etc.
Square Box
Aluminium L shape_tile trim.The design of is a good mixture of rigor and imagination. It is carried out by designers who have taken attractive details, discreet forms, as well as uniqueness into consideration.
Square Edge Trim For Ceramic Tiles
This square trim main purpose is to protect edges of ceramic stair steps. It is a perfect connecting trim for ceramic, granite or marble floors laid on the same level. It may also be used as an elegant transition.BestQuality Square Edge Trim For Ceramic Tiles FactoryOur R&D team are all professional in the industry. Professional Square Edge Trim For Ceramic Tiles manufacturersThis product adds great charm to the interior display. People can use it as a collection or as a display item for decorating their living room or bedroom.
Oval Buffer Profile_PRO2
This Profile serves a role of a gentle transition in case of difference of levels between ceramic tiles and fitted carpet or parquet floor. It protects tile's edges, prevents from stumbling over protruding edges of fitted carpet.
Oval Edge Profile
This Profile is designed for protection of internal corners covered with ceramic tiles.

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